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Experts in travel to Medellin, we can provide you and your husband/wife/partner/friends with all the right variables for the perfect vacation here in the amazing city. Romance, adventure, and everything in-between.


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The Colombian Government approved gay marriage in 2016, and  the city of Medellin features everything you could ever want: great GLBT friendly hotels, restaurants, bars, a great transit system, the best most friendly tour guides, and so many other facets of social and cultural life. All at reasonable prices.


Plethora of Richness

Medellin and the surrounding areas give us the vacation we always wanted; fun in the city, and amazing experiences outside the city. In an hour you can be on ATV's on a mountain road, mud trail, or in a river, mountain horseback riding, hiking, zip-line, hang gliding, and more!

Specific Unique Qualities


The Beauty of Medellin!

One of the most beautiful topographies in the Southern Hemisphere. The high altitude promulgates a average temperature of 72 degrees! The weather is truly divine!


The Food!

The Paisa food is delicious and nutritious! Colombia is one of the only countries on earth to not import any fruits and vegetables. They grow their own and they eat their own...the very best!


The Paisa Way!

Medellin's people are called "Paisas" and they are one of the most friendly, caring and beautiful people in Colombia. Their history made them come together like a family and as a result, they are the best of all of Latin America

Specific Tours

Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar


Discover the true history and drama about one of the world's most notorious Drug-Lords; Pablo Escobar. From his cultural philanthropy, crime, drug business, political experiences to his destruction, find out the truth about this very interesting figurehead in Colombia's history.

City Tour

Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar


Ride the Metro, see the Botero Square in downtown, visit the museum, soar on the cable car to see unprecedented sights on your way to beautiful Arvi Parc...and more!

Comuna 13

Pablo Escobar

Comuna 13


Comuna 13 is one of the outstanding "barrios" where you'll see the example of people reaching for a more stable life free of cultural difficulties. Meet local graffiti artists who are becoming world renown!


Penol de Guatape

Comuna 13


Take an hour drive out to the countryside and drive an ATV through the most beautiful places in Antioquia.

Penol de Guatape

Penol de Guatape

Penol de Guatape


Guatape is a unique local. A typical Paisa city that had to be moved to another location to make way for a dam and lake. The Penol is a huge rock that you climb for an amazing view. 


Penol de Guatape

Penol de Guatape


A beautiful drive through the countryside to ride horseback through the magnificent hills to a waterfall and then spend the afternoon at a private coffee plantation to experience how to pick, dry, process, roast and taste the best Colombian coffee.

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